• White Cube is pleased to present an online exhibition showcasing the work of 20 graduates of Fine Art Masters courses in the UK and USA. Following the success of ‘Tomorrow: London’ in 2020, this is the second online exhibition celebrating and supporting fine art education.

    The 2021 selection features work by international graduates from Columbia University, New York; Goldsmiths University, London; Rhode Island School of Design; Royal College of Art, London; Royal Academy Schools, London; School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC); Slade School of Fine Art, London; and Yale School of Art, Connecticut.

    Addressing issues that continue to motivate a new generation of artists – including identity and sexual politics, existing hierarchies and histories, visibility and disenfranchisement, as well as personal and collective trauma – the selection for ‘Tomorrow 2021’ represents a broad spectrum of inquiries. Equally wide ranging are the chosen mediums, which includes performance, moving image, assemblage and installation, and also sculpture, painting and drawing.

    Graduates have been selected by members of White Cube’s curatorial team: Irene Bradbury, Susanna Greeves, Hannah Gruy, Susannah Hyman, Toby Kamps, Capucine Perrot and Soraya Rodriguez. 

    All sales proceeds will go directly to the artist.